Home Cooking- Watercress Almond Soup


Over at grandma’s place again and this afternoon she taught me how to make watercress almond soup! It tasted even better than most vegetarian restaurants and is SUPER easy to make. What I love about her soups is her ability to never put so many ingredients into one. Instead she lets the few key ingredients shine and release their own natural flavour. Now that’s the magic and skill in soup cooking (best part is she never uses garlic or onions so you won’t get any funny breath). The ingredients are:


1 bunch of watercress (try to find those with the stems and separate leaves and stems)

1-2 teaspoons of salt

1 packet of sliced raw almonds (take about 3-4 tablespoons of them)

3 big chinese dates (known as mi zao) – 蜜棗

2 pearl corns- chopped

3 big bowls of water

6 pieces of mock mutton mushroom


Start by adding corn, chinese dates, mutton mushrooms, almonds and boil it. Once it starts boiling, add in only the stems of watercress. Leave it to simmer and cook for about 2-3 hours (yes the longer the better for this soup). When it is time for lunch, remove the watercress stems and stir in the watercress leaves and leave to cook for a few minutes, depending on how mushy you want them to be. Add salt or light soya sauce based on your preferences at the end. If you want more flavour you could add in mushroom seasoning.


After hours of cooking, your soup will look like this and it’s so thirst quenching good you will definitely want a refill. The sliced almonds were quite a fun bite too as they are still crunchy and the corn and chinese dates brings an overall sweetness to this soup!


Grandma went on to pan fry 2 blocks of bean curd and a stir fry green beans with sambal belacan for 4 of us.


This is her top secret sambal belacan made of mushrooms and curry chilli! It’s so yummy and healthy and it’s a perfect drizzle over our rice or porridge too as times. She promised she will teach me how to do this when this portion runs out. I can’t wait:)

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