Mutton Murtabak & Aloo Gobi at Gokul Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Fortune Centre


Was at Fortune center this afternoon again and was craving some indian cuisine! Headed straight to Gokul Indian Vegetarian Restaurant on the ground floor as I’ve walked past it a couple of times and is always crowded. Strangely today there was only me and a few more customers before they all started streaming in around 1 pm onwards.

The menu was extensive but there are some items they do not have on certain days, for example I wanted naan and it was not available today. The other thing I observed was their menu. It was so old and tattered in a flimsy laminate. Sometimes I have to fold and bend the menu to see what’s on it.


They offer many set meals and I saw many people ordering Indian Rojak, Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Nasi Briyani in a dim cozy setting. Their prices ranged from $5- $10 and they offer complimentary iced, warm and hot water too served by their friendly crew.



I ordered Mutton Murtabak $5 and Aloo Gobi $6 curried cauliflower as a side vegetable to go along. Every dish was cooked and fried on the spot, an elderly lady sat beside me and wondered why her food took so long but soon she was seen digging into her laksa when it arrived piping hot. When my food arrived, I was so excited to try them!

The murtabak was really crispy and had minced mock mix of cabbages, mushrooms and some radish. It came with cucumber tomato ketchup salad and a bowl of curry with an eggplant too. The fillings of the murtabak was chewy and well distributed but 9 pieces was too much for me and I only finished 7 pieces. The Aloo Gobi I ordered was a special request and it did not include potatoes and they were SO GOOD:) I literally drank the curry sauce and I was so tempted to finish my murtabak with the sauce alone. It came with lady fingers and tomatoes too and the cauliflowers were crunchy and so flavourful.

I’m definitely going to return for more of their signature dishes and I observed that their service crew consist of a few indians, about 3 chefs and a couple of chinese men who don’t seem to know how to speak english actually. I caught them struggling with their orders and all of them were elderly folks. The prices on the other hand is about $1-2 dollars cheaper than their flagship restaurant in Little India.

19 Upper Dickson
Road Singapore 207478
Tel: 6396 7769
Fax: 6396 7769

190 Fortune Centre
#01-07 Singapore 188979
Tel: 6337 4811
Fax: 6337 4811

Open daily from 10.30am-10.30pm at both locations

2 thoughts on “Mutton Murtabak & Aloo Gobi at Gokul Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Fortune Centre

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