Crispy Suckling Pig- Lao Di Fang Revisited

This evening we headed to Lao Di Fang for a family gathering. We were served two appetizers before ordering our dinner. The roasted peanuts $2 were really healthy with no salt and it went really well with the papaya pineapple and carrot salad $2 too.

image_1 image

The last time we ate with grandparents at Miao Yi vegetarian restaurant at Bukit Timah road, we ordered crispy suckling pig so this time we wanted to order this to make a comparison. The crispy suckling pig $28.80 came in last and was the best dish we all had that night. The batter was crispy and did not feel oily. The mixture of the suckling pig had mushrooms, carrots and yam and it tasted really good with the sweet sauce accompanied by a blanket of lettuce and cucumber slices. We gobbled it up real quick and wished it came in a bigger portion.


Grandma was saying this tasted way better than the one at Miao Yi and we all agreed!



We also had two big plates of vegetables. Broccoli with monkey head mushrooms $12.80 was a disappointment as the mushroom tasted a tad strange but the vegetables were crunchy and smells really good. Maybe the brand they were using was not the one we’re used to tasting.


We had to order the famous stir fried chilli fish $15.80 and my grandma was scooping the spicy sambal sauce all over her rice. They thought it was really special and my aunt said it reminded her of bbq stingray.


We also had my all time favourite french beans $12.80 which was as usually tasty and we finished them real quick.


For desserts, we had honey dew with sago $4.50 and yam paste with ginko nuts $4.50. The honeydew sago was tasteless and with very few sago and honeydew bits. My aunt commented that the milky sauce tasted like soya bean drink actually. While the yam paste on the other hand was thick, rich and really warm. Overall the desserts pales in comparison to the savory food we had and contained very little sugar, which was perfect to me but was not as good as my family thought.


The total bill came up to about $18 per pax after using a discount voucher mailed to us. To apply as a VIP card member, just visit their website just like I did and register your information. Within a week or two, they will mail out 2 discount voucher and a 10% off VIP card with your name on it. Am pretty impressed this service they provide is free of charge. Next round, I will love to try their Lunch buffet and I’ve been eyeing the tofu fries!

9 Penang Road
#B1-12 Park Mall
Singapore 238459

Tel: 6533 8959/ 9003 4238
Fax: 6535 2513


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