Egg-free & Dairy Free Ice Cream- Soyato at Yes Natural retail shop, Clementi Central


Was at YES Natural Retail shop, Clementi Central earlier this afternoon to buy the best chocolate rice milk drink and chanced upon SOYATO near the shop entrance! I’ve heard about them from another vegan blog but was disappointed to know they have left their shop outlet at Bugis. Amazingly they are now sold at YES Natural and I’m so glad we have 100% soy based ice cream, egg free, dairy free, no cholesterol and 55 calories per cup ice cream in the West!


We bought a chocolate and a vanilla cup at $1.20 each.


The vanilla flavour tasted really weird with a very artificial after tone. But thank goodness the chocolate flavour tasted really good and was just as yummy as any chocolate cup ice cream found in 7-11 or ice cream parlor. But it was not as dark as I expected and was not too sweet too. Strangely there was hardly any soy beans taste unlike the one Mr Bean used to sell in a cone.


They even use Non-GMO soy beans!


We also spotted other flavours like honey lemon, cookies and cream, royal milk tea, french vanilla and Belgium chocolate in slightly bigger tubs.

Block 431 Clementi Ave 3 #01-312 Singapore 120431

Tel: 67780280

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