Home Cooking- Bah Kut Teh Soup with Asparagus with shimeji mushrooms


This afternoon grandma decided to whip up herbal peppery bah kut teh soup and she cheated by using 2 instant package of spices to brew the soup base. The ingredients in each package consisted of black pepper, white pepper, salt, garlic powder and seasoning. Next she added some red dates, stewed mutton and a can of round mushrooms.



Start by boiling the water and adding in the instant packs. Once the soup boils, add in any herbs, red dates, mushrooms, mutton bites and more pepper and salt if you like. Brew it for as long as 2-3 hours.


After 3 hours, our soup turned out perfectly peppery and tasted much healthier than stall bought ones.


Grandma also found some beautiful fresh asparagus at the wet market and she combined them with shimeji mushrooms for an easy stir fry dish that was so good without any seasoning other than a pinch of salt and light soya sauce. YUMS!!


I also made a super easy roasted cauliflower and butternut pumpkin and my grandparents loved it! Crispy cauliflowers are healthier than fries and the pumpkin was moist, tender and so sweet! All I did was toss them with olive oil, pepper, cumin, salt and baked it for 25 minutes at 200 celsius.


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