Home Cooking- Chocolate Coated Banana Ice Cream Pops


It’s such a hot day and I wanted something healthy and super cold to munch on for tea. Saw some bananas left in the kitchen, I decided to whip up chocolate coated banana ice cream pops! OMG..it’s so simple and so delicious. I ate 4 at one go as I was making this:P


To make this easy treat you will need 3 ripe bananas (the sweeter the better), toothpicks or popsicles, 1 bar of dark gourmet good quality chocolate (Mine was 77% dark) and  3 tablespoons of ground peanuts.


First I peeled the banana skin away and cut them into 4 parts per banana and fix a toothpick each. Once I’m done, I put them straight into the freezer for 2 hours (longer if you want).


Prepare your chocolate by snapping them into small bits and using a double boiler technique to prevent your chocolates from burning, stir gently as it’s melts. Once done, bring out your frozen bananas and dip the chocolate first and to the grounded peanuts next. You have to do this really fast as once the chocolate touches the frozen banana it hardens. Which was great because you will not deal with a messy pool of chocolate and you can literally eat on the spot as you’re making.


After sharing with the family, there were only 6 left and I cannot wait to do them again! It’s awesome when you’re done tossing the chocolate peanut dipping, your banana is actually thawing and it has the texture of a really good ice cream as you crunch on it. Such a brilliant idea to serve guests at any parties:)

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