Brown Rice Set Meal- Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food at Smith Street


Had a date with my grandma and decided to cheer her up before her hospital check up, I brought her to Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food. It was really easy to find but the entrance did not really look like a cafe to us. When we entered it was like being in someone’s home. The lights were cozy and seats were like old school canteen style. The lady boss walked over to us and introduced herself to her place and her food so candidly. She sat beside us and chatted to my grandma and guessed her age and told us how she started this cafe before a stream of regular customers dropped by and off she went to mingle with them.


The menu changes daily here and today we ordered brown rice set meal and brown rice porridge. This cafe does not serve onions or garlic, no cheese, eggs and dairy products. The service was prompt and the food came soon after we found our seats. The brown rice set $6.50 came with 5 assortment of vegetables and they were all yummy but I wished there were more vegetables than rice. Although I must say the brown rice tasted really unique. It’s so fragrant and tasty my grandma stole some from me. She had a huge brown rice porridge $6 and at first bite it tasted quite bland. After a few more mouthfuls, it was really good and was choked with lots of ingredients like oyster mushroom and black fungus.


We also shared the soup of the day (winter melon with chestnut and peanuts) $3 which had the right amount of sweetness and ingredients. Throughout our time there, the lady boss and her husband pops by table to table to check if everything was good or if customers liked their daily specials. It’s such a cozy warm environment and I’ll definitely want to be back!

8 Smith Street

Tel: 62259026

Daily 12-10pm


After lunch, we strolled down to the next street to get desserts from Mei Heong Yuen dessert under the crazy hot sun!



We ordered black sesame walnut paste $3 which was not so sweet and mango sago with pomelo $4 which was perfect for the weather and it was yummy good, wished there were more sago though.

No.63-67 Temple Street Singapore 058611

Tel: 62211156

Open daily from 10.30am-10pm

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