Home Cooking- Peanut Lotus Root Soup


I was thrilled to learn another cooling soup for a hot day with my grandma this morning! She enjoys contributing to the blog so much she now plans the food she wants to teach me in advance now! And most of the styling of ingredients are by her actually:)



To make peanut lotus root soup, you will need the following:

1 lotus root, sliced

1 handful of red dates

1 handful of dang gui (female ginseng)

1 handful of raw peanuts (soaked for an hour before brewing to soften them)

2 small rock cane sugar

1 handful of mock mutton for taste

Chinese Herbs Ingredients for Herbal Black Chicken Soup copy

I also noticed she likes using a few common chinese herbs in her cooking too. In her opinion, it’s cooling and good for our body.


Once peanuts are soaked after an hour, prepare a pot with boiling water and add in peanuts first, lotus roots, red dates, dang gui, mock mutton and rock sugar last. It is optional to add rock sugar if you find the soup sweet enough. Brew it for 2-3 hours for the flavours to come through and add salt and pepper to taste later. We did not and it still tasted really awesome!

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