Raw Chocolate Tart & Salad- Frunatic at Star Vista (CLOSED)


Was at Star Vista hoping to find some vegetarian food and was really disappointed to know Jelina Vegetarian stall at The Kitchen food court has closed down:( I decided to walk further down towards the escalator and I saw a huge sign saying no eggs, no dairy, no sugar and flour! I was intrigued and wondered if it was a vegan friendly place. To my surprise this new salad cum dessert cafe is not only vegan friendly it sells raw food too! I remembered a fellow vegetarian friend sharing this new eatery at our last meet up at Onaka.

So what exactly is Frunatic? The name sounds really funny to me. It is actually Singapore’s very first FAST FRUIT restaurant! How cool is that? I think they have a similar concept like The living cafe at Bukit Timah Road though I have never been there. It was also my first time trying raw food as I’ve heard about this diet and spoke to people who have tried it and they all say the desserts are usually fabulous! I found more details on their website here!

The concept of eating predominantly raw food is not only good for you – it’s also good science! Cooking destroys valuable nutrients, enzymes and vitamins in your meals and chemically changes them, contributing to chronic health problems and low energy levels.

By eating raw living foods you may enjoy benefits such as:

• Clear glowing skin and shiny hair
• Pain-free joints
• Weight loss
• Restful sleep
• Sustained high energy level
• Reduced or eliminated cellulite
• Increased mental focus
• More youthful appearance and many more!!


I walked to the brightly lit counter and was greeted by a friendly smiling staff who recommended me to get their Forest Salad $9.90 which was their best seller! She asked if I wanted a super meal set by adding $6.80 more to get a shot of essence, a cup of alkaline infused water and their home-made chips but I was really eager to save my stomach for desserts.


They serve fruit chips and so many organic products along their counter and they all looked so cheery, bright and happy! Finally after a short wait, my salad arrived and I was kind of disappointed that it was not as huge as I expected. There were apples, tofu, mushrooms, wild berries, raspberries, pumpkin seeds and alfa sprouts. I don’t remember any dressing on it and the combination was really refreshing and crunchy. By the time I finished I was actually quite stuffed! Though this was a salad I could totally whip up on my own at home:P


Once I’m done with my salad, I walked over to the Patisserie counter and was dazzled by all the mini tarts! I wished I had the stomach to take 2 but I went with their best selling chocolate tart at $2.80. Again I thought it was really tiny and I could definitely get another piece later.


Oh my, this chocolate tart blew me away! I never knew raw food can taste so DARN good and filling! Using technology  of dehydrating against the conventional baking methods, it conserves most of the nutrients from the ingredients. It was so rich and the cocoa flavour was as yummy as any chocolate mousse found in Canele, Bakerinz or even any hotel dessert shops. It was like dark praline chocolate with a thin layer of walnut seeds or maybe more like a dark brownie fudge. I found it so hard to believe no flour, eggs, dairy and no baking was needed at all. Gosh I am sold! Raw food here I come! Best part is they are located in the west:)

On their name card it states their head office is at 1 kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-24 Enterprise One Singapore 415934

Tel: 63760081

The Star Vista, #02-01/02
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
(Adjacent to Buona Vista MRT station)​​​​​​​​​​​​

Opening Hours
Weekdays : 11am – 9pm
Weekends : 10am – 10pm

7 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Tart & Salad- Frunatic at Star Vista (CLOSED)

    • Hey Shihngin,

      Thanks for the heads up! We are thinking of visiting The Living Cafe and The Green Room Cafe soon. Any must try items we must have? Let us know?

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    • Hi Boiling,

      Yes, we just realized it was closed after our meal at Greezilla. Thanks for the shoutout and try the kimchi quinoa soon!
      Thanks for visiting our blog as well:)

      Roland & Priscilla

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