Kimchi Noodles- Veggie Hub Fortune Centre


Back at Fortune centre again and I wanted something soupy so I decided to try out Kimchi Noodles from Veggie Hub level 1 since there were plenty of seats (They are 2 doors away from Gokul Indian Vegetarian Restaurant). The noodles came really quickly and it did not look appetising at first glance.


I thought they might use instant noodles but they did not and indeed it was quite a disappointing dish. It tasted like any other instant cup noodles and the kimchi taste was not very strong. Besides the noodles, it also had a small amount of mixed vegetables like carrots, cabbages, leafy greens, 2 cubes of small tofu, 1 mock meat and 1 mock prawn which I did not take.


It was not very filling and I was bored halfway through. At $4.50, I rather have a healthy vegetable sushi salad. If I return which I highly doubt it, I might try Hakka Thunder Tea Rice as everyone around me was ordering that.

190 Middle Road Fortune Center #01-05

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