Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie- Delcie’s Dessert Fortune Centre


I’ve been itching to try Delcie’s Dessert after hearing so many awesome reviews about them. It’s so rare to find no eggs, no dairy, low sugar and low cholestrol desserts in Singapore! Usually I am too stuffed from lunch but after today’s disappointing kimchi noodles I decided I will have a good crunchy dessert to make my day.


They offer so many variety of cakes but I thought it might be too heavy and I’ll be sleepy at work later. Instead I bought chocolate chip cookies (which came in a packet of 3) at $3. When I was making my purchase, there were 2 other ladies buying and ordering cakes too. So thrilled to hear people supporting vegan/vegetarian businesses as it’s such a tough market to be in.


The chocolate chips were really thin and although it was not crispy crunchy, they had a crumbly cookie texture and was dotted with tonnes of chocolate chips. The first bite reminded me of digestive biscuits but not as sweet and you could taste the brown sugar in them.

When I finished the cookie, there was no lingering sweetness and my throat did not feel dry too. I can’t wait to try their pretty rainbow cake and I found out they now serve cheesecakes that are vegan, gluten free and sugar free too!

190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-28B

TEl: 63339684

Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am- 8pm

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