Mushroom Prata & Pappadum- Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place at West Coast


We were itching for something to munch around 11pm and decided to head to the prata place nearest to our home. Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place is a non vegetarian indian/thai supper hot spot along west coast road and opposite an Esso petrol kiosk. As there were not many vegetarian choices (mainly just prata or dosai), we ended up getting prata.


Hubby Ro ordered a plain prata set $2 as the minimum order was 2 pieces. It was really fluffy, crispy and had the right amount of dough. They also gave two different types of curry gravy.


I ordered a mushroom prata $3.50 with no cheese and sugar. We ordered the mushroom prata once and they added sugar into the prata which was too sweet and overwhelmed the mushroom taste. The portion was huge and was really good and super satisfying.


Feeling so happy with our supper, we spotted packets of pappadum near the counter and decided to get one to share. It cost $0.60 for 3 pieces and we were over the moon. This simple flat bread cracker was crispy and so crunchy we finished it within seconds. We will definitely be back again to get this healthy snack made of lentils, black grams, chickpeas and rice flour. Maybe we will try their vegetable prata next!

15 Jalan mas puteh Singapore 128620

Open daily from 4.45pm-4.45am

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