Shark Fin Soup- Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant at Coronation Plaza

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Hubby Ro’s cousin Mandy was in town and we decided to treat her dinner at a lovely vegetarian place. We used to frequent Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant with my grandparents in the past but last night was the first visit since we turned vegan.


We did some research and decided to try two of their best selling items so many have raved about.

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First to arrive was Crispy Suckling Pig $35 (smallest portion), for the price it came with 14 pieces of mock pig made out of bean curd skin with mushroom base.  We had a hard time trying to finish this up despite 4 of us sharing this dish.


It looked so real and taste wise it had all the layers resembling the pig’s fat. The bean curd skin was soft and the mushroom base was crispy good. Together with lettuce, sweet sauce and cucumbers, it was the perfect fun snack/appetizer to start our dinner.

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We also ordered the highly recommended shark fin soup $12 made out of bean curd skin, mushrooms and some mock crab slices. The soup base was creamy, soothing and very addictive. It was easy on the throat and we had fun munching the mushrooms slices in the bowl. It was so yummy most of us went for a second serving. We all agreed it tasted way better than the real shark fin soup as sometimes they like adding too much corn flour or starch in the soup and most ingredients usually tasted rubbery as well.


We got a simple stir fry spinach $9 which looked plain but had such a beautiful wok flavour. We were wondering how they could achieved such complex flavours without any garlic or onions.


Last to arrive, we had Tender Bean curd Fantasy $15. Hubby Ro thought it will be better to order medium size even though the staff recommended small. When it came, a huge pile of minced meat (fried soya) was drizzled over crispy soft bean curd. Another stunning dish as the minced meat went really well with the bean curd and it had a slightly spicy after taste too.


Initially we ordered plain rice to go with the dishes but we saw so many tables being served fried rice. We made the switch and got assorted olive fried rice $8 instead. Oh my, it was one of the most fragrant fried rice we have ever tasted. The rice was fried so well with all the olives, vegetables and some mock ham. The rice grains were fluffy and choked with ingredients.

We loved the attentiveness the staff provided us. From checking if our portions were ok, to constantly clearing the dishes once we are done and topping up our less sugar chrysanthemum tea and our tea cups. Best part, the tea always had the same consistency unlike other restaurants where the second refill would be diluted. It also cost us $4.80 for tea for 4 people!

Overall, we had such a satisfying and good experience but was too stuffed for any desserts. We paid $94.59 (About $23 per pax) for all the dishes including GST without any service charge.

Address: 587 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269707

Phone:+65 6467 1331

Opening hours 11:00 am–3:00 pm, 6:00 pm–10:00 pm

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