Baked Lentil Chips- Cracked Pepper Flavour


A couple of days ago, I chanced upon Baked lentil Chips at Cold Storage at Leisure park and I bought the cracked pepper flavour $5.60 to try.


In the same series they offer sea salt and rosemary flavour as well.


I got home and opened it excitedly. At first bite, it seemed pretty bland but as you continue munching it tasted like prawn crackers and it was very peppery. It’s very crunchy and pretty small. Hubby Ro stopped eating after a few bites as he disliked the strong peppery taste but I continued because I love peppery stuff. I loved that it was not oily, leaves no oily residue on your fingers and it was a super light snack to munch on. I ate quite a big portion of it and ended up with a sore throat the next day:(


I found out more information about this wonder chips. They are gluten free, all natural, vegetarian, non GMO, no trans fat and was 70% less fat than normal potato chips. It has 120 calories per serving, 3g fiber and had 4g of protein. Also Lentils are an ancient grain and are among the world’s healthiest foods. They are high in protein, vitamin B1, and essential minerals for a healthy diet. They even offered a hummus recipe on the packaging too.

So what exactly is NON GMO?

The acronym GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It refers to any plant, animal or microorganism that has been genetically altered. The non-GMO label ensures that the product you are purchasing contains no modified food ingredients.

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