Black Sesame Bun- Mama Patisserie Japanese Bakery & Cafe at Novena Square 2


While waiting for Hubby Ro to knock off from work, I wandered around Novena Square and chanced upon Mama Bakery opened by a japanese lady named Madam Kaneko. The bakery was super busy and crowded around 5pm and they seemed to be clearing and cleaning up the cafe when I was there.


I checked out more about them and most sites commented that Mama bakery uses premium Japanese imported flour for all of their bread. Customers who are health conscious can enjoy guilt free bread with low or no sugar, no eggs or milk. Each bread is packed in individual plastic cover with a sign labeling the price and if they contain no eggs, no sugar or no milk. They have many vegetarian breads on offer and they have a daily special soup of the day with a roll at $2.90 too!


They also offer discount for people working around the area too!


I had black sesame bun an pan (red bean) $1.40  and at first bite you could smell the aroma of the black sesame seed but the red bean filling overwhelms it as you continue munching on. The red bean filling was not too sweet and I love the fact that the filling was so generous.


Hubby Ro had black sesame bun with yam $1.60. He thought it was mildly sweet and pleasant to the palate. He said it tasted like a mild Orh Ni snack and he wants it again! From Mama bakery site, we read that Yams are a good source of vitamin B6 that protects against cardiovascular diseases and potassium that helps control blood pressure. Yams’ complex carbohydrates and fiber slows the rate at which their sugars are released and absorbed into the bloodstream. In addition, because they’re rich in fiber, yams fill you up without filling out your hips and waistline.Black sesame seeds are high in calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus. These minerals help to support healthy bones, muscles, blood, and nervous system. It also contains zinc and calcium, which also improve bone health.

Square 2 Mall
10 Sinaran Drive,
#02-06/07 Singapore 307506

Tel: 63976789

Open Daily : 9am-9.30pm

2 thoughts on “Black Sesame Bun- Mama Patisserie Japanese Bakery & Cafe at Novena Square 2

  1. Hi there!! may i ask, are most of the breads at mama’s vegan? cuz noticed very few had the label ‘no egg, no milk etc’ but for the filled buns, like the one you posted above, it doesn’t state there :/

    • Sorry for the late reply Cheryl!
      The last time we went to Mama vegan was a few years back.
      You might want to check in with them regarding their vegan breads personally.
      Hope you are able to find vegan options and if so, please share with us!

      Thanks Much,
      Roland & Priscilla

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