Meals of the day: Protein Overdose

Lately, I realized I had tofu in every single meal and honestly I am kinda sick of the taste, regardless it being cooked in different ways. So I am going to try to alternate tofu between 2-3 days so that I won’t get tofu overdose. Today at my grandma place, she thought I liked the braised tofu so much she made it again! ARGH…thankfully there was my favourite enoki mushroom green beans.


She also taught me how to make winter melon soup. Basically a vegetable stock soup just using winter melon as the core ingredient. She reminded me to only add in all the ingredients after the hot water starts boiling.


In the evening, my mum in law cooked more tofu. You name it we got it all covered. From bean curd roll, bean curd skin to fried and soft tofu!


She prepared cabbages with a mountain of bean curd, bean curd skin and black fungus.


And Hubby Ro loved the bitter gourd black bean with bean curd roll.


We had peanut lotus soup with brown rice topped with seaweed.


Mum also bought a potato curry puff for us to share but we were too full to finish all the food. AHH!! What a tofu day!

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