Wonders of Burdock Tea


We had some free time to kill while waiting for our parents so we hopped over to Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe to have black sesame yogurt $3.80. It was the stickiest black sesame pudding we have ever tasted and was pleasantly quite lovely. It was not too thick or heavy and had a mild nutty flavour to it. *Please note that the pudding is not vegan.


On the side, we ordered Burdock tea $1.50 and had no clue what we will be getting. When the cup of tea arrived, our first impression was that the tea colour was similar to chrysanthemum tea. It smelt like wheat and had a mild malt flavour. Hubby Ro thought it tasted like horlicks with no sugar and milk. Weird but basically we loved it so much, we bought a packet of 10 sachets $8.50 home. It’s hard to describe because it does not taste like any tea we have ever tasted. But it’s definitely good.


From the tea company website, we found out that Burdock is rich in protein and calcium, and its nutritional value is many times more than other vegetables, thus it earned the title of “King of Vegetables”. In Japan, this head of rhizomes is a close rival of ginseng, and is also known as “Ginseng from the Oriental Seas”. It can be consumed daily without any adverse side effects and at any time. The ingredients in each tea sachets includes Burdock, Jujube (Also known as red dates), Lycii Fructus (Also known as wolfberry and goji berries).


When we got home, I went online and goggled more information about burdock tea and was surprised they have so many wonderful benefits! Here are some wonders of this miracle herb but I read they are not suitable for pregnant women or people allergic to daisies and chrysanthemums or have any dehydration problems.

Acne, Eczema, and Other Skin Conditions

Burdock tea is known for being a potent liver cleanser, which can aid the skin in becoming healthier as well. A cleansed liver results in more balanced hormones, which results in overall increasingly healthy and well-nourished skin.


As mentioned above, burdock’s bioflavonoid antioxidants assist in cell repair, which reduces inflammation in the body. It has also been suggested that burdock’s liver tonic properties help reduce pain and inflammation because a stimulated, well-functioning liver can help flush out the pathogens, damaged cells, and irritants that are may be the cause of the inflammation.

Urinary Tract and Kidney Problems

Burdock’s natural polyacetalynes have the ability to kill bacteria that may cause infection in the urinary system or in the kidneys.

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