Coconut Bliss Ice Cream- Luna & Larry’s at Tanglin Market Place


Coconut reminds us of holidays and beaches. Imagine our surprise to find Luna & Larry’s naked coconut ice cream $14.65 at Tanglin Market Place earlier today. We just tried it and it was superb. You can also taste tiny coconut bites too.

In terms of texture and usability, it looks and feels just like conventional dairy ice cream if that is even an important trait to one. If given to someone who was not told it was non-dairy, I have no doubt that it would be easily mistaken for regular, dairy ice cream.


We noticed that this range of ice creams are gluten free, soy free, vegan friendly and low glycemic. The ingredients include organic coconut milk (organic coconut, water, guar gum), organic agave syrup, organic dried coconut, organic coconut extract, organic fair trade vanilla extract. In terms of ingredients and nutritional value, coconut in general is an outstanding superfood. Out of all the non-dairy ice cream like desserts, coconut based ones would be the best, next to almond ones. Coconut is naturally high in healthy fats, specifically saturated fats, and thus calories, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Being a 100% plant product, there is also no cholesterol to worry about, unlike with dairy ice cream. Finally, when it comes to sugars, there are no refined sugars involved. It only uses organic agave as the main sweetener, along with real fruit and/or fruit juice in the fruit flavored varieties. I checked them out online and was impressed by how they run their business in an environmental friendly way too.

They offer “biker incentive” to staff who regularly use their bicycles as transportation to the office, they have someone come into the office to prepare organic vegan lunches and they buy only recycled paper supplies only. On their site, they also explain how their production and manufacturing are being carried out with detailed information about all their ingredients.


The next we would love to try is their dark chocolate flavour. Hopefully Tanglin market place will bring in their naked coconut bars and their dark chocolate bars soon!

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at PM 11.54.17


Along the same aisle, we spotted more dairy free ice creams!


This particular ice cream snack rings a bell in us as the name of the ice cream wafer is the same as Hubby Ro’s beloved cat Cutie. Noticed he is the same shade as the ice cream..aha!


For this price, we rather support and purchase from a vegan ice cream company instead of all the mass branded dairy ice cream brands out there which are around the same price or just slightly cheaper. Go coconut go!

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