Chilli Ban Mian- Tian Xiang Vegetarian Stall at Blk 450 Clementi Central

On my way to the MRT a couple of days ago, I spotted a sign saying there is a new vegetarian stall at Block 450 Clementi Central. I told Hubby Ro about it and we decided to check it out this evening. Located just beside the old 24 hours NTUC facing the main road, there was a recent revamp to this coffee shop and it was packed with people.


Run by a young lady and we presumed her mother, they were preparing many take-aways when we made our order. There weren’t many ala carte selections and had very few economical rice side dishes left.


Hubby Ro ordered Spaghetti $4 and it was cooked pretty quickly. But the taste was really bland and tasted like canned tomato sauce with some mock meat and mushroom ingredients. The pasta noodles tasted more like instant noodles actually. A pretty disappointing dish which was not satisfying or filling.


I ordered Chilli Ban Mian $3.50 and it came after 10 minutes. The noodles were really Q and bouncy. It was coated with spicy chilli sauce and we were surprised this dish was actually pretty good with good amount of vegetables, marinated mushrooms and some mock minced meat.  I’ll definitely return for this again and try the crispy noodles or green curry next.

Blk 450 Clementi Avenue 3 Singapore 120450

Open daily from 8am-8pm and closed once every 2 weeks. (That was what the girl told me after I asked if they have any name card and she replied hastily)

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