Raw Pizza- The Living Cafe at 779 Bukit Timah Road


So many bloggers have talked about The living cafe and it was time I headed down to try them out myself. Today with a close friend of mine we headed down for our first raw food experience. I did not count Frunatic as my first as I only ate a small part of their menu.


The cafe was really spacious and quite cozy. Around 1pm when we were there, it was half full and I saw many kids playing around the kids area and people browsing around on the 2nd floor where their retail shop was. They sell food essence and raw food books but not many raw food ingredients which I thought was surprising. I was expecting a mini super market of fresh food though.


Amazingly, my friend bought 8 days today and they featured The living cafe and frunatic on the opposite page.


On the way to the ladies, I spotted a salad bar where the staff was making lettuce wrap salad on the spot.


They hold workshops and classes on the third floor too. I am tempted to join the class on raw recipes from around the world $125!


We ordered raw zucchini hummus with flaxseed craackers $6. The hummus portion was so tiny but it came with 8 stacks of flaxseed crackers. We thought the hummus was good but was quite garlicky for my liking while the crackers had a slightly bitter after taste which we both thought was a let down with a great dressing. A fun snack to munch on but it was not really satisfying.


We read on other sites that the service will be lousy or the food portions will be so small but none of those reviews were right. Our portions were huge and the service was friendly and prompt. Soon my generous raw pizza $12 came, it had fresh salad on raw marinara sauce with an almond and sunflower seed crust . I loved that they gave so many greens, tomatoes, spinach, capsicum and alfra sprouts. There were two dressings on the pizza too. One was a tangy tomato marinara sauce drizzled with a sweet honey mustard dressing. Overall I felt that the pizza crust tasted too starchy despite it being made of almond and sunflower seed. I had a tough time chewing and some seeds got stuck in my teeth!



My friend ordered a Salmon Supreme burger $18 made of salmon and dill pattie, tomato, mixed greens with wasabi aioli and chilli sauce on a multigrain bun served with hand-cut sweet potato wedges and coleslaw. She thought it was too salty and heavy after a couple of bites but we were both impressed by the portions. The sweet potato wedges on the side was too huge but had a strong and yummy indian spice touch to it. I might try the TLC vegan burger set the next time.


Despite us being so full, we had to squeeze in some desserts! The desserts bar had so many selection to choose from and we ended up with two to share.



We tried raw german chocolate mud cake $8.50. We were told it was made of beetroot, carrots and I am guessing some carrots cause it tasted more like a coconut cake rather than a chocolate cake. Only the top of the cake was layered with chocolate ganache. It tasted pretty strange as it felt more like eating compressed vegetables with a sweet flavour. On the other hand, we saw many people ordering the berry cheesecakes.


The dessert that blew us away was Raw Key Lim Pie $8 made of avocado and zucchini if we heard correctly. It looked really pretty and when you put your fork on the cake, you cannot believe it’s so soft. The crust crumbles easily and everything was light and refreshing. A must try item when you visit the cafe. Though the prices were pretty steep, the ambience and the big portions made up for them.

The Living Cafe
779 Bukit Timah Rd

+65 6468 4482

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