Dinner of the day: Pinto Bean Soup & Avocado Tofu Sage Tortilla Wrap

My mum in law prepared a delightful dinner for us this evening and she left us notes on how we can prepare the dishes as she will be home late.


We had pinto bean soup with raw bean sprouts, black sesame seeds, japanese seaweed and almond flakes as toppings. The soup was rich, creamy and really tasty. Though it was slightly salty, we loved that it was so healthy as mum blended the beans with basil, some salt, pepper and olive oil. She told me she mixed and matched the different recipes together with whatever she can find in the supermarket. The crunchy raw bean sprouts was a good touch I thought!



It was so good, we each had 2 bowls of it.



We also roasted “exotic” broccoli sprouts from Australia with ground coriander, garlic powder and salt. Another simple and yummy way to make delicious quick vegetables.


For the wrap, my mum in law made avocado hummus and bought semi sun dried tomatoes, japanese bean curd skin, bean curd sticks and she told us to try it with sage and tarrango leaves. I found the herbs too overpowering and strange but hubby Ro was ok with it.


Another dinner quickie which was so yummy I had 2 rolls and he had 3! Love it when my mum in law experiments with western food.

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