Pandan Chicken- MAHAPRAJNA at Block 11 Jalan Bukit Merah


It was 9 pm and my parents and I headed to Mahapragya (beside Nature Vegetarian Restaurant) at Bukit Merah as they are faithful supporters of this shop. They are also one of those rare vegetarian stalls that open till late around the West. I am guessing their shop name is inspired by this spiritual head from India as the lady boss often expressed thanks in Buddha’s name in our conversation.



We grabbed Belinjau crackers $2 to share while ordering.  It is a Malay snack made from the seeds of the belinjau fruit. The kernels are pounded and flattened into little disc shapes, sun-dried and then deep-fried and seasoned with salt. It has a tinge of nutty bitterness that many take delight in. Some restaurants will serve this as an appetiser along with a sambal belachan dip.

image_7 13

First to arrive was Olive Fried Rice $4, small portion. This was the best dish we had. The aroma of the olive and the generous portions of fried vegetables and mushrooms complimented the dish. We were all fighting to finish it.


We also had Mee Goreng $5 and the noodles were quite sticky and quite spicy. I felt that it tasted too tasty and too starchy after a while. But if you like noodles with such textures, it’s definitely had a wok touch to it.


We had stir fried kai lan with mushrooms $8 and this was the most disappointing dish. The veggies tasted limp and though the stalks were crunchy the flavour of the vegetables were weak and even my dad asked what happened. I am guessing it’s either the oyster sauce or the vegetables were cooked too raw?


I wanted to try Pandan chicken $8 and they came last. There wasn’t any strong aroma when it arrived and I had fun opening the pandan leaves to get the mock chicken. It was a fun dish to have but really nothing spectacular to shout about. The mock meat had the texture of the chicken but was too oily and some parts were so charred we had to discard them.


We also ordered a winter melon watercress barley soup to share $5 and it was choked with ingredients and was very soothing. I am usually not a fan of barley but it tasted quite lovely with the soup.



The auntie was really kind and gifted us a free belinjau cracker as she saw me munching on it happily. The food here had some hits and misses but if you like a cozy environment and small chats with the owner and his wife this place is quite lovely and perfect for night owls.

They are open daily from 6.30am-10pm

Jalan Bukit Merah Block 11 #03-4458 Singapore 150011

Tel: 6651 5458

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