Egg and Dairy Free Banana Walnut Mousse- Delcie’s Dessert at Fortune Centre

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After my yummy lunch at Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food Paradise earlier, I had a craving for a mini dessert and decided to indulge in Delcie’s banana walnut mousse $4.20. I always want to try their cake slices but I thought they might be too heavy and went for this mini cup instead. It is much smaller than the photo and is as small as my hand.


I opened the cover and was amazed by how foamy and rich the “cream milk” part looks! After the first bite, I was really happy because it was not too sweet and tasted like the famous Cedele Carrot cake everyone raves about minus the carrots! It was dense, nutty and the banana flavour was dancing all around my tongue. The “cream milk” part tasted like whipped cream and it was very soft and melts in your mouth. I wished the portion was maybe 1.5 size bigger so I can indulge in more of its goodness.

A friend on facebook asked if it was not made of eggs or dairy, what was in the ingredients in this delightful treat? I googled Delcie’s homepage and I have highlighted some questions and answers in the FAQ page here.

If your cakes are baked without eggs and butter, will your cake be tasteless?

Let our customers’ testimonials convince you that our egg-free and dairy-free cakes are equally delicious when it comes to taste. However, as egg is commonly used as a main binding and air agent in cake baking, you will notice that our egg-free cakes are not as spongy compared to traditional sponge cake since we do not use any alternative chemicals to give similar airy texture unlike many other vegetarian bakeries which use mainly Whey protein to replace eggs in their recipe. Whey protein is a substance taken by body builder to build mass and weight. Whey protein is definitely not healthy. You will notice that we are the only bakery that carries the official Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice Bakery Certification.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We use organic and halal ingredients in our baking such as unbleached wheat flour, raw sugar, agave, sea salt, dark chocolate, cocoa powder and dairy-free (rice and/or soy) milk and cream. All our ingredients are also free of animal by-products and alcohol.

I thought all cream contains milk?

Our cream is 100% dairy-free and egg-free. We had revolutionised this cream recipe with a specialised cream factory to create our very own soy-based and rice-based cream.

I thought all chocolate contains milk?

Our organic chocolate is 100% dairy-free as we have specially imported an organic cocoa mix from Europe, thus, creating our very own organic 73% dark chocolate ingredient using rice milk. We have also formulated our very own dairy-free white chocolate ganache.

How healthy are your cakes?

We have been awarded the Healthy Choice Bakery certification by Health Promotion Board. As our cakes do not contain eggs and dairy products, they are extremely low in cholesterol and are trans-fat free too. As very little fat and sugar is used in our baking, our cakes are also low in calories compared to traditional cakes. If you prefer lower G.I cakes, you should try our Diabetic-Friendly versions. While organic ingredients are used in our cakes, our cakes are baked naturally and free of harmful chemicals, thus ensuring most of the nutrition to be retained within the cakes when eaten. For more nutritional value information in our cakes, click here.

Find Delcie’s Dessert at 190 middle road #01-28B, Fortune Centre s188979


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