Spiciest Thai Mini Feast- BALI THAI at Suntec City


The Marina Promenade brings back good memories as I started my business at Millennia Walk three years ago and this time round, I was back as we have a pop up shop there again! Yeah:) Hubby Ro joined me after I’m done with work and we were trying to grab some dinner at Loving Hut or the Indian vegetarian place beside them. Turns out, Suntec City is undergoing major renovation and they have moved out. We headed to the basement level and spotted BALIthai.


Before entering, we asked if they have a vegetarian menu or serve vegetarian food. She flipped a separate small black booklet and we were thrilled to see so many selections. I also asked if they use any fish stock in their food and she assured me that for the vegetarian menu no fish stock or sauces are used.



It was a lovely touch to see the menu indicate items that contains egg, onion or garlic icons and we could request to omit any item when we order. We wanted to get Tempeh Goreng to share as an appetizer but they only had vegetables tempura and spring rolls which we did not order.


Instead, we got Thai green curry with vegetables and tofu $12 . It was the best dish and the curry flavour was really superb. We liked it so much, we started scooping ingredients from our tom yam soup into the green curry. I usually don’t take much rice but I could not resist getting a second portion as the curry gravy was rich, creamy and super tasty. It was not so spicy but the portion was quite tiny and there were barely 6 small cubes of fried tofu and no mushrooms at all!


We had Stir fried Kang Kong Chilli $9 and again the portion was super tiny. It was quite a spicy dish and had a good wok-hei flavour to it. Best part, the vegetables looked so green and they were crunchy. Wished they gave us more for that price though.


The dish that got us reaching for our cold glasses was this super potent Thai tom yam soup with vegetables $12.80. There was an option to get a coconut cream soup base or the clear one and we opted for this. They should definitely put 3 chillies icon beside this dish in the menu for guests to select the spicy level. Look at the crazy amount of dried chillies and small chillies we found in there!! Again the portion only served us 2 bowls of small soup each.


They offer free flow of rice based on your preferences as staffs walk around with rice basket. We are thrilled that more restaurants are offering vegetarian menu but this meal had us craving for more beans and proteins. I will recommend this place if you’re out with friends who are not vegetarians or if you have a tiny stomach.

Suntec City Mall 
No. 3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983 

Tel: (65) 6338 2066

Open daily from 11.30am- 10pm

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