Spinach Potato Pops- VeganBurg at The Grandstand

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We were at Dialogue in the Dark earlier in the morning and for lunch we headed to The Grandstand for some vegan burgers! It was our first time ordering spinach pops $3.80 and it came in 6 bite sized pieces. It was tasteless at first bite but after chewing, the flavours came out much stronger and was pretty good. The breaded crumbs were crispy and well done!

image_6 image_7

We both had creamy shrooms burger with a crispy yet juicy vegan patty on a bed of fresh lettuce, dripping with creamy home-made sauce, topped with fresh button mushrooms and zesty pepper, all stuffed in an organic whole wheat ciabatta bun. We had the set at $11.85 with our favourite seaweed fries and iced tea.

image_8 image_9

Our friends ordered tofu-dog $3.80 smothered with must-have mustard and pickle relish, encased in a pillow-soft wholemeal bun. But from the look of his face after he tasted it, we knew he did not enjoy it. We guessed it tasted quite similar to the vegan franks we had the first time we visited. Somehow the blend of tofu dog is too soggy or have a strange taste combination most people do not like.

All their outlets are listed here.

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