Dim Sum Buffet- Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant at Velocity Novena Square


We were craving for some dim sum delights and decided to check out Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant at Velocity for their high tea dim sum buffet. Only the outlet at Novena Square hosts dim sum and mushroom hot pot selection. The buffet starts at 3pm and ends at 5pm. A minimum of two guests per table is allowed. I wanted to take pictures of the buffet spread but was stopped by a staff as they do not allow pictures of their food on display! How bizarre so I silenced my phone and just took pictures of the food we took on our table instead.


Around 3.15pm, the steamed dim sum tray was wheeled in and Hubby Ro went forward to check out what was in those baskets.


He took steamed mushroom roll with beancurd. This was really hot and filled with many mushrooms bites!


Next he took steamed siew mai, crystal dumplings, steamed dumpling with peanuts, steamed mix-vegetable dumplings.


Sadly all the steamed dim sum did not taste lovely. Somehow they were either too mushy or the skin was too sticky. We were quite disappointed and were guessing that the core ingredients used in most typical dim sum restaurants uses prawn which was obviously not in any of them.


We tried more steamed vegetable dumplings and again did not like it. It had a grassy vegetable leaves after taste which I personally do not fancy.


Hubby Ro tried steamed vegetable bun and he thought it tasted ok but not fantastic.


For the baked and fried dim sum section, we had vegetarian pork pastry which had a strong mock char siew taste that I was not a fan of. So this was not something we’ll actually order or eat more.


The next two dish we had were crispy red beancurd and handmade sotong balls. Wow these 2 items were really good. The bean curd was soft and the batter was yummy with some sprinkles of seasoning dusted on each piece. The sotong ball texture tasted pretty genuine and was a fun snack. It reminded us of those fried finger food in Old Chang Kee.


We also had lotus root fresh mushrooms, yuan yang cauliflower, taro stewed beans knot which were all really good. Somehow the cooked side dishes tasted much better than the dim sum themselves.


They also serve vegetarian rojak which I was craving for a long time. But sadly the sauce was too sweet and after such a small portion, I actually never want to eat rojak anytime soon.


Next we tried mushroom cream soup which was fantastic! We had 3 bowls to share and it tasted like campbell can soup but healthier and tastier. Really awesome soup and so soothing!


Hubby Ro got some fried noodles and drizzled them with mixed vegetables curry and he finished them really quickly. He said it tasted really good and he thinks all vegetarian places do awesome curries!


The last dish I love most out of the entire dim sum spread was the thai-style organic salad. The lettuces and mango slices were so fresh and the best part was the sweet tangy salad sauce they serve on the side. Pure salad bliss for me! I had 3 servings of it:)


I was too full to try any desserts and they all did not look too appetizing. Hubby Ro tried red bean roll and custard roll and thought they were not too bad. He said the red bean was much better than the custard and it reminded him of those crispy red bean pancakes served at most dim sum places.

Overall, we had a fun time trying the dishes but buffet is really not our thing. Somehow we felt like we needed to try most stuff. There are actually more fried and steamed selections which did not appeal to us or we were simply just too full. Will we come back again? Maybe not any time soon. We rather go back to Lingzhi for their ala carte menu and cooked dishes. Check out their full dim sum buffet menu here.

Velocity@Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
Singapore 307683

Tel: +65 6538 2992
Fax: +65 6252 5234

Opening Hours :
Mondays – Fridays
Lunch : 11:30am – 3:00pm
Dinner : 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Lunch : 11:00am – 3:00pm
Hi-Tea : 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Dinner : 6:00 – 10:00pm

Last Order
Lunch: 2:30PM
Hi-Tea: 4:30PM
Dinner: 9:30PM

4 thoughts on “Dim Sum Buffet- Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant at Velocity Novena Square

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  2. Hi, great review, nice to hear your views and see the pictures.

    I think you might not have been aware, I remember once reading that they have a few non-vegan items, such as the pork pastry, so whenever I go I usually ask if an item looks like it might contain egg or dairy, I can’t remember exactly which items are not vegan now, usually the fried ones, pastry, milky stuff or desserts … oh I found the post from Vegan Ash! http://veganash.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/lingzhi-vegetarian-restaurants-mushroom-hotpot-buffet/

    It would be so nice if they would state clearly, instead of us having to keep checking! Sometimes I forget to check or ask for no dairy/egg and end up with something not vegan >.<

    • Hi A,

      We totally agree with your thoughts about the dim sum buffet!
      Thank you for swinging by our blog:)

      Roland & Priscilla

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