Lotus Seed Pork Ribs- Tian En Vegetarian Stall at Clementi Central

Yesterday night, we were at Clementi Central and dropped by Tian En Vegetarian Stall to get some take aways for dinner at home since we were not so hungry around 7pm. We got their set menu A $18 consisting of a vegetable of the day, lotus seed pork ribs and soup of the day. We also added Hong kong noodles $4 too.


The Hong Kong noodles were fried with lots of vegetables and some mock ham. The taste was really flavourful and the noodles were springy but slightly starchy after a few mouthfuls.  Hubby Ro loved this dish the most! It was a satisfying dish but less salt and oil would have been better.


We also had watercress, vegetables of the day and this dish was executed really well. The crunchy bits of the stalks were there and the sauce was really yummy too. We finished it up really quickly and wished they added less salt.

image_3 image_4

What took us by surprise was the soup of the day. Usually they come with few ingredients with lots of soup base but this soup was choked with ingredients and they had about 5-6 dumplings in them too. This seaweed dumpling soup was my favourite part of the meal. It had the right balance of flavours and all the ingredients such as bean curd, tomatoes, mushrooms and lettuce were brilliant and very soothing.


The last dish we heated up was lotus seed pork ribs. It looked slightly different from what we were expecting though. Taste wise, it was fried to perfection and had a sweet teriyaki sauce drizzled all over them with toasted sesame seeds. It was a huge portion and we could hardly finish them. It was my mum in law favourite but it was the most unhealthy dish out of all and the least yummy one out of all our dishes.

The next time we visit this place to eat, we are definitely going to request for less oil and less salt as the flavours were too rich when combined together. Or perhaps we should have gotten plain rice instead.

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