Portobello Mushroom Marinara Penne Pasta-Le Gourmet at West Coast Drive


After our super heavy dim sum buffet, we were so full and wanted to skip dinner. But around 830pm, I was feeling slightly hungry so we popped over to the nearest western cafe around our neighbourhood. Le Gourmet used to be our favourite western cafe to visit when we were non-vegetarians in our estate. They serve pretty good western meals at affordable prices without GST or any service charge. It was like a little secret hang out place we used to go to as they are housed under a block of flats in the quiet and secluded area near Ayer Rajar Food Centre.


I remembered their pasta tasting good and their breaded mushrooms appetizers too. But this time round, we only had stomach for a light tomatoey pasta. Sadly, they only have one vegetarian option under their pasta section. I asked if they can cook the portobello mushroom in a marinara sauce instead of pesto sauce and they did it with a smile.


The food came fast and their service was prompt. They served us free warm water  and constantly checked if we’re doing ok or if we needed more water. I might return to try their portobello mushroom salad, vegetarian pizza or burger! It is definitely hard to find decent western cafes around our neighbourhood other than the mainstream restaurants like Swensens or Pasta Mania! Love the change from chinese vegetarian food as they do not serve any mock meat items and use only wholesome vegetables and mushrooms in their cooking.


Finally our penne pasta $11.50 arrived! The portion looked small but it was actually quite a good size despite us sharing. The sauce was to die for and we loved that they gave us chunks of portobello slices, black olives and tomatoes as well. Next time round, we have to remind them not to add cheese in our food though. We left feeling so satisfied!

504 West Coast Drive #01-236

Tel: 96936718

Open from Tuesday – Sunday 12pm- 9.30pm

Closed on Mondays

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