Home Cooking- Mint Lentil Soup with Avocado Rice Crackers & Grilled White Asparagus

It was my mum in law’s turn to whip up a feast in the kitchen and for dinner we had mint lentil barley soup.


She could not find lentil beans so she bought lentil and vegetable soup cans instead.


After pouring the soup into the pot, she added barley water and barley bites into the soup with one tablespoon of cumin. We did that as the original recipe she saw online suggested rice which I felt was too heavy for the soup.


Next she created a mint chilli pepper dressing over the soup. She started by baking the mint leaves and pounding them into powder and after they dried up she added red chilli pepper in them into a tbsp of melted vegan spread and 1 tbsp of olive oil.


The soup turned out great and we could really taste the chilli powder in them but sadly I could hardly taste the mint even after throwing in more mint leaves.


She also found seasonal white asparagus  (which we all remember fondly at top italian restaurants we have visited in Singapore). We decided to give this beautiful vegetable a simple makeover and grilled it in our oven for 15 minutes after coating it with black pepper, garlic powder and sea salt. It turned out so tasty, juicy and really awesome.


For our DIY section, we made our own rice cracker with avocado black olive hummus, sun dried tomatoes, salad potatoes and green olives with tomatoes. We had lots of fun just mixing the different ingredients together. Hubby Ro and I were not big fans of the unsalted rice crackers as it tasted too healthy and quite tasteless and not as crunchy as we expected. But my mum in law loved it!



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