Best Masala Dosai- Raj Indian Vegetarian Restaurant at Biopolis Way


Raj indian restaurant is the top search on google when we were sourcing for indian vegetarian food in Singapore. A couple of months back at Singapore Vegetarian Meet up we met Muthu who also highly recommended this restaurant. We read reviews about this place and most were complaining how bad the service was. Early this evening, we headed to their outlet at Biopolis Way as it was nearer our place to check out their legendary dosai despite such bad reviews.

Unless you work near the science park on weekdays, this place is a ghost town on weekends. Even the cab driver wondered why we wanted to head there. We saw the sign above and walked one circle to the back and there was the restaurant! It was hidden out of sight from the main road and patrons of the restaurants were parking their car just right outside. We’re guessing this will be an awesome place to hang out till late with our friends in the future. It was super quiet and service was FAST and super pleasant!



The menu was extensive and most ingredients were clearly stated. We went for 4 items to share and regretted ordering so much!


First to arrive was Vegetarian Briyani $7, garden fresh vegetables cooked on a slow fire with basmati rice. Despite us telling the staff we were vegans who don’t take cheese and any dairy products, they still included cheese bites into our meals:( We ate the basmati rice with Daal E Raaj $8.50 a mixture of lentils, soaked overnight, cooked till tender, mixed with house spices and Veg Navrathan Korma $9 an assortment of vegetables prepared in a cashew nut gravy.


Both the curry/daal went so well with the rice. We wished we had ordered their naan bread instead as it was way too filling. Hubby Ro loved the lentil daal which was a tad spicy for me. But I loved the vegetables cooked with cashew nuts gravy. I could taste the crunchy bites of cashew and it had an aromatic nutty after taste.


The star of the night came last and was the cheapest too. Our masala dosai $3.80 was huge and very crispy. It was the best dosai we’ve eaten in a while and we cannot stop digging into it. Halfway through the meal, we just focused on this simple dish and we’re going to be back for more. This meal costed us $33.31 in total.

Overall a super affordable and enjoyable meal as they provided free flow of iced water with surprisingly shocking good service!

Raj @ Biopolis
20 Biopolis Way, #01-03
Centros Block
Singapore 138668

Phone +65 6478-9495
Fax  +65 6478-9441


Operating Hours

Monday – Saturday: 11am to 10pm
Sunday: Open on Sundays

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