Fried Mushroom Wanton- Zen Fut Sai Kai Vegetarian Restaurant at Kitchener Road


When you think of little India, you associate it with indian food but this evening we had chinese food instead. This unique restaurant was recommended by Luke from Hungryangmo as we met up with him and his girlfriend Shanel for the first time (More about our meet up soon). When we stepped into the restaurant, it felt like a temple of worship as there were so many statues and paintings of buddha all around. The restaurant was really small and can sit about 40 people at one serving. We arrived around 6pm and was told we needed to wait for seats as we did not make any reservations. But within a couple of minutes we were happily seated.


On the side walls were the only pictures of their food  as their booklet menu had 2 pages of words with no pictures.


What I loved most about the place was the tacky chinese decor and utensils they used. It was super tacky but in a lovely nostalgic way. (Btw it was not a fly on my cup but tea leaves!)


The pickles were pretty soggy and not as crunchy as I expected.


First dish to arrive was Luke’s favourite mushroom wantons (small portion) and it was crispy, crunchy and had quite a filling. We tasted some mushrooms and mock meat in them and they were fried to golden perfection. The sauce did not go so well with the wantons though and we even had left overs. After a few wantons, they turned quite soggy near the filling and was not as yummy as when it was first served.


Next we had bean curd roll with vegetables and it was nothing special. Just a simple home style stir fry dish which can be found anywhere.


They served us another similar dish which I thought tasted just like the earlier one with asparagus this time. The boss recommended these 2 dishes and it was nothing to shout about. He even stopped us from ordering after 3 dishes and we insisted on having one more. Pretty Nazi fella!


Last to arrive was fried rice which was pretty good. We loved the juicy mushrooms and the fragrance it came with it. It felt slightly soggy too and wished the rice was crunchier or looser maybe. Our meal came up to $40 in total and it was super affordable for 4 people including the wet towels, pickles and free flow of chinese tea.

147 Kitchener Road Tel: 62912350

Closed On Mondays, Tues – Sat 10am – 9:30pm, Tue – Sun: 10:00 am – 09:30 pm

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