Black Pepper “Crab” Pasta- Violet Oon’s Kitchen at Bukit Timah Road


We celebrated an intimate belated bdae celebration for a girlfriend over at Violet Oon’s Kitchen yesterday night. Before arriving at the restaurant, I emailed and asked if they served a vegetarian menu and they replied promptly with a pdf file. The decor of this restaurant is stunning, it kind of reminded me of P.S cafe with the black and white contrast tiles and banana leaves centre pieces.


Although they are famous for their peranakan dishes, I spotted many western fusion cuisine dishes instead. And on the vegetarian menu, the only non-egg/cheese options were rice with a spicy sauce or black pepper “crab” pasta I ordered.


At $17, it was almost the same price as the one I had at Modestos. It looked like aglio olio but it really tasted like black pepper crab without the crab. Before I ordered, I asked if they mixed the sauce with crab fillings and they said it was done separately and no meat or seafood were used to make the sauce. Covered with a huge topping of arugula leaves, it was a really simple and flavourful dish! A pretty unique pasta dish using asian style sauce.


Most desserts came with vanilla ice cream and yesterday’s special was Kuah Bengka $9. This flourless taipoca cake with coconut milk and gula melaka was super delightful. It was the only dish I felt reminded me of those nonya kuehs and it tasted superb. A very rich and smooth cake that won thumbs up from everyone. I suspect some eggs were used in this cake too although they did not highlight it in the menu.

881 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 279893

Tues to Thurs 11.30am-10pm

Fri to Sun 11.30am- 11pm

Mon Closed

For reservations call 64685430

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