Specially Flown Vegetarian Unagi- Bespoke Vegetarian Restaurant at Sunshine Plaza

Was back at Bespoke (Teng) Vegetarian Restaurant again as my parents have never tried japanese vegetarian cuisine. I met them at the restaurant and waved like a mad woman but they just passed me by after seeing the menu outside the restaurant. After calling to inform my parents they walked past me, they sat down and stared hard at the menu. My dad said how come we are eating here? I thought you’re vegetarian now?????

Looking super pleased, I told him everything was vegetarian and have already ordered some dishes before they arrived. I ordered Kaki Udon Set $18 and the portion was gigantic! There was a huge bowl of udon (which tasted way better than the green tea soba as the noodles were really Q), vegetable tempura (about 6 pieces), stir fry vegetables (light and not salty), mushroom baked cheese pastry which was not vegan and suited my parents, sesame salad and even a chocolate pudding which my dad finished up in a few minutes with a smile.



The best dishes in this set were the radish sesame salad (it tasted just like any wafu salad dressing sold at japanese restaurants)



The udon tasted awesome too and I found this soup base less salty than the green tea soba version.


We also ordered a salmon maki roll $12 and dad loved it!


My mum’s personal favourite was the smoked duck with king oyster mushroom $12 and the standard and consistency of the charred bites were just as good as the last time we ordered this dish.


We wanted more greens and ordered a stir fry dou miao $7 which was the worst dish in our entire meal. The bean sprouts were too old and was hard to chew. The sad part was it was WAY too oily and we hardly finished half the portion:( We highlighted this dish to the lady boss but she said they cooked it with vegetable oil and it needs to be slightly oily and tasty for non vegetarian customers to enjoy. Hmm…in this case we think less is more.


While eating, the lady boss (my friend’s aunt) dropped by to ask if everything was ok. She strongly recommended us to try the Unagi roll $12 which had just flown in from Japan this month. She was all praises about this dish and we thought there was no harm trying another sushi roll as my dad loved them! It was definitely less salty and tasted slightly more healthy compared to the salmon maki and the texture was pretty authentic but we all thought the avocado overwhelmed the roll after you bite into them. Between the salmon and the unagi, we might still go back to the salmon instead but this version was much better than the one we had at Herbivore which was just too salty and mushy for our liking.

We’re so glad to see the restaurant packed and lady boss told us many of her customers were recommended by Luke from Hungryangmo! After hearing that, we got in touch with Luke and told him the happy unagi news!Aha..They are still offering 30% storewide discount until 28th of May 2013. Because of the discount, we actually got our kaki udon set for FREE:)

My parents are now thinking of bringing my grandparents here for Mother’s day celebration! Yeah:)

Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining
Location: 91 Bencoolen Street, #01-50 Sunshine Plaza
Contact: 63377050
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am-3.00pm & 5.30pm-10.00pm

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