Caesar Salad- Veggie Cottage at Little India


A few nights back, we got an sms text from Luke and he told us to check out this new vegan eatery at Little India! Earlier this afternoon, I made plans to meet up with Vadivu and we decided to check out this quaint cozy cafe. When we walked in, we were immediately charmed by the paintings, french music and chalkboard menu in this cafe. Although the cafe needs more ventilation, it soon became more cooling after we finished our meal.


We ordered a few dishes to share and was pleased to meet owner Marine herself who was busy cooking our dishes. She used to be a secretary at a japanese firm and opened this little cafe with her sister. Most of her team members are vegans as well and although the menu was not extensive, it had a good mix of local and western dishes to choose from.


The prices were REALLY affordable! Their cakes and cookies were about $1 each and most of their mains cost between $4-$6.50 just like any food court price. Marine’s goal/dream is to offer affordable and healthy meals to everyone. I asked why did she set up a shop in Little India, she just answered me by saying she lives upstairs in this shop house! How awesome is that? To live in a heritage shophouse and wake up to cook in your little cafe! We are so envious:)


My favourite dish was Salady Medley $5.50. The caesar salad dressing was one of the best I’ve tasted. It tasted just like greek yogurt and it was vegan! I have been trying so hard to create my own version of a greek yogurt and never once succeeded! With a blanket of greens, crunchy walnuts and some raisins, this is the kind of salad I would love to eat every day.


Vadivu ordered dumplings $3.50 and it was served in a really cute basket. Sadly the dumplings were a let down. They were too airy and hard to chew. What was amazing was Marine’s honesty, she told us that the dumplings were indeed a disappointment to her as well as she wanted it to be lighter but her new idea to kick off this dumplings did not turn out well. We were touched her honesty and her attitude was really humbling and sincere.


Vadivu ordered chicken rice $5.20 and she loved the crunchy bean curd “mock chicken” very much and I am guessing she loved the chilli sauce too as she poured 2 portions off them into her fragrant rice.


I on the other hand ordered hamburger with fries $6.50 and I loved the fries! The patty was pretty good but the buns were a tad too soggy for my liking. I wished they served more western meals with natural ingredients instead of using mock meat in most dishes. It was like eating at a western cafe with chinese style mock meat food. Like Luke, I was quite excited to try their fish and chips and they did not have it in their menu.


Before we left, we spotted some cinnamon bun rolls $1 each and got one to share. We wished it came hot but overall it was a really light dessert and the spongy texture was there and Marine told us to come back and try their cupcakes next! She even told her staff to remember our names and faces so she can give us a 10% discount at our next visit.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal there and believed after Marine and her dedicated team tweaked the menu slightly more, they will be serving some really good home style vegan dishes at great prices. We cannot wait to return to try more dishes! Hopefully she can whip up more  vegan friendly breads by then.

Address: 13 Dalhousie Lane Little India Conservation Area Singapore 209682

Telephone: 67856771

Visit their facebook page for daily menu.

They are closed every Thursday

Open daily from 11am-8.30pm

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