Pig Trotters La Mian- Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food Paradise at Fortune Centre


Another dish I tried earlier this week was vegetarian pig trotters $5 at one of my favourite vegetarian stalls in Fortune Centre. I made the mistake of adding la mian (which is still damm good) into this vinegar loaded bowl and I was literally sweating my heads off after eating this. The combination of noodles and the sauce was really too much for me to take. It had a really strong sour/slightly sweet taste:( Compared to the folks across my table pairing this dish with brown rice, I was really jealous of them for the logical neutral combination.

As usual, the ingredients used in this food haunt was packed with goodness. There were so many black fungus, 4 mock mushroom balls and lots of mushrooms. I’ve never been a fan of the real deal in the first place and never will be even after trying this version. I’m still dreaming of going back for my soothing bah kut teh la mian.

190 Middle Road, #02-23. Fortune Centre. Singapore

Tel: 97591575/92364985.

They are closed on Sundays.

Open from Mon- Sat: 9.30am -7pm

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