Grilled Zucchini- Da Paolo Gastronomia at Chip Bee Garden


Earlier this evening, we were at Holland Village and we were quite full from a super yummy vegan pizza we had (which we can’t wait to blog about!) We walked past Da Paolo Gastronomia and got 2 dishes to share. We had 100g of grilled zucchini $3.80 and a bowl of tomato soup $5.90.  One thing we both used to love about this cafe was their pizza and lasagna so the only options we could have will be their side dishes. They have some gorgeous looking cous cous salad, butternut pumpkin, spicy broccoli and mixed bean salad to choose from.

The grilled zucchini we got was drenched with olive oil and we loved the fruity after taste of the oil. The soup on the other hand tasted quite bland but very healthy tasting. It was not like the usual flavourful soup we were used to but it tasted of pure “tomato puree” with a dash of salt.


There were so many side dishes to choose from! We love their sun dried tomatoes too:)


Their bread looks so good and I am inspired to bake some pretzels tomorrow!

43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-74, Singapore, Singapore 278115

Tel: 6475 1323Open daily from 8:30 am – 9:30 pm

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