Tandoori Chicken Tikka- Gokul Indian Vegetarian Restaurant at Upper Dickson Road

Earlier this evening, I decided to treat my grandparents and my parents for an alternative labour day celebration. Despite being vegetarian for more than 20 years, my grandparents have never eaten indian vegetarian food before. Their mindset of indian food usually contains garlic or onion, so we surprised them by heading down to Gokul after a shopping trip to Mustafa!


The menu was huge and the mini snap shots of the food made us so hungry. My grandparents thought their western food page was pretty cool. They were quite impressed  that they served indian style burgers as well!


First to arrive after we placed our orders was crunchy pappadum. My family devoured them and my grandparents kept dipping it into the green chilli spicy dip they gave. (It was free of charge and they even gave us a second portion after seeing us gobbling them up so quickly.) A jug of water was also served free of charge as well.


We ordered Tauhu Goreng $7 and it was the coolest tauhu goreng we have eaten. I think most satay stalls should just sell an alternative tauhu goreng (for vegetarians) with their satay sauce as the one at Gokul was really rich, filled with peanuts and with a good spicy kick. My grandma even reserved the balance gravy and ate it with her basmati rice.


Soon our plain naan $2/pc arrived (we ordered 2, as it came in 4 triangles). It was so silly when we casually asked to have garlic naan too. We felt so embarrassed after the staff told us about the no garlic and onion policy they have. The plain naan had a crispy texture and the thickness of the dough was perfect.


We also ordered a steamed plain basmati rice $2 and a briyani flavoured basmati rice $2.50 which tasted really light and fluffy. It was the first time my grandparents tried basmati rice and they were full of praises for this unique rice texture.


We ordered a mixture of sides to go with our naan and rice. We had Aloo Gobi $8 (This did not taste as good as the one I had at Gokul in Fortune Centre). The flavours were rather bland and the potatoes were undercooked.


The next two side dishes were really lovely and we would love to get them again. The Bhindi Masala $8 was a good mix of spices with lady fingers and Paalak Dhal $8 with spinach was really comforting and soothing.


On the other hand, the malay sambal goreng $7.50 was delightful with bites of tempeh in a spicy sauce.


The last dish which we all did not fancy was Tandoori Chicken $10. At that price, the portion was huge but the soy meat tasted really weird and too salty. It had a pretty cheesy flavour which was really different from any chinese mock meat we have tasted. Even the sauce that came with it did not rescue this dish. I wished we ordered tandoori mushrooms instead.


Overall, it was a really satisfying meal and we cannot wait to return to try more dishes! I have to commend the staffs over at Gokul for having such pleasant personalities, prompt service and warm smiles throughout our meal. We felt like we were eating at a restaurant opened by a good friend.

19 Upper Dickson Road Singapore 207478

Open Daily from 10.30am-10.30pm

Phone: 63967769

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