Spaghetti Aglio Olio- Cafe Duomo at Sunshine Plaza


Cafe Duomo, a cafe opened by the same group of people from Bespoke vegetarian restaurant opened this May! I was around the area this afternoon and visited the empty cafe. They only have one staff, Herman there most of the times and he explained the concept of their cafe with great smiles and attitude. Sadly, most items were not vegan friendly!



Their menu was small but very tastefully done! All the pictures of the dishes looked mouth-watering good. All the soups have cream and were sadly not vegan friendly, The vegetarian salad $8 was the only dish with sesame dressing while the rest had mayo in them. All sandwiches also came with mayo but Herman said I could substitute it with sesame dressing if I wanted to. The seafood pasta was also cooked in cream sauce. Most dishes ranged from $5-$8 which was really affordable for the huge portions they serve.

I had the caesar salad with in house sesame dressing as the caesar salad sauce was made from cream. At $6, my salad came in less than 10 minutes and the portion was huge with bunches of lettuces, tomatoes and gigantic croutons. The vegetables were fresh but the croutons were so oily. They reminded me of you-tiao in size but was just deep fried bread and tasted really unhealthy.



Next, I had a plate of spaghetti aglio olio $6 and the portion was equally big but the most shocking part was how soggy my pasta was. It tasted like chinese stir fried wok style vermicielli. I believed they used angel hair pasta but the texture of the pasta was far from al dente and was a big disappointment. I asked if the same chef at Bespoke cooked the dishes, Herman told me a chinese trained western chef was in charge of this role.

I hope Bespoke management gets a chance to read this as they really need to improve the authenticity of their pasta instead of letting the dishes taste too similar to chinese style cooking. Another thing I heard was the photos in the menu were shot raw, so the pasta or soups were not cooked when the photographer took them to create more texture and dimension. So if you are thinking of ordering more, expect your portions to come double in size.

I also found out that they are the first cafe selling Nescafe Milano coffee exclusively. I asked if soy milk can be used in replacement of dairy milk or cream and found out it can only be used in cold coffees. With such a small menu and such restrictions in dietary choices for vegans, I might visit this place again just to try their sesame eggplant sandwiches which l heard tasted yummy. They have such a good location and such a cozy concept, I hope they will bring in some egg and dairy free cakes as currently they are selling eggless cheesecakes at their counter.

No service charge or GST was charged to my bill and my iced water was served free of charge.

They are opened daily from 11am-9pm. This Sunday will be Herman’s off day so avoid heading there!

Sunshine Plaza 91 Bencoolen Street #01-17 Singapore 189652

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