Vegetables Crispy Noodles- KOPI at Jurong East MRT


We planned a movie date at Jcube this evening and found a new vegetarian stall just below Jurong East MRT station. In KOPI “tiam”, just beside WENDYS, we were thrilled to find some comforting food in their menu. Run by the guys behind eight immortals, there were only 2 staffs working and there was a steady stream of customers ordering from the counter. Their business was really good!:)


Besides stir fried dishes made on the spot, they offered typical economical rice dish with a wide range of varieties.


We shared Bah Kut Teh (herbal mutton soup) with rice/noodles for $4.50 and the soup was huge in portion and stuffed with so many shiitake mushrooms (we counted 7-8) and about 4 mutton bites (tasted just like monkeyhead mushrooms). It was so good, we finished the soup and ate the wolfberries as well.


We also had crispy noodles $4, although I was not a fan of this brand of crispy noodles. The sauce was not too starchy and was just right in flavour! It came with a good bunch of greens too and some button mushrooms with mock prawns and fish slices which we did not take.

We are so happy there are more vegetarian discoveries we are spotting near our area and Jurong East MRT is such a convenient central location! We cannot wait to try their malay dishes like lontong, mee rebus and mee siam! They even have tom yam soup, wanton soup and lor mee:)

They are open daily from 11am-9pm.

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