Best Vegan Pizza Ever- TJ Vegan Fusion Party Food at Taman Jurong Market Place (CLOSED)


Luke & Shanel from Hungry Ang Mo invited us to our first vegan food tasting on Wednesday and as Hubby Ro was at work I represented us as we had one of the best pizzas! Located at Taman Jurong Food Market, where I used to live I was super excited that there is a new vegan eatery in the west!


I reached there slightly early and passed by the store. To my surprise, the stall only had about 7 chocolate cupcakes on sale! I texted the couple and was wondering if their effort (they took 2 hours by bus) to come all the way down was worth it. It was indeed, as three of us had the most enjoyable tea break.


Timothy, a hippy young chef in my opinion runs this stall with such passion and heart. He really knows his craft and he is super hygenic. Throughout the time we were there, we saw him washing his hands once he finished cooking or baking something.


First items we tried were sultana cupcakes $1.00 and citrus cupcakes $1.00. I only had the sultana as one was filling enough! The texture was lightly moist and had a rich dark chocolate flavour. Do not come expecting crumbly oily muffins as Timothy does not use eggs or any dairy products in all his dishes. What was most lovely about the cupcakes were the amount of sultana raisins in there! It was in every mouthful and went really well with the cupcake. I heard from Luke that it was even better after they left it in a fridge and ate it the next day:)


The next item blew my mind away. The bite size pizzas were SO DELICOUS, CHEESY and the flavours were really amazing.(The portions were tester sizes.) I loved it so much I bought two 6″ pizzas $3 each (this will be the standard size sold at the store) back for hubby Ro to try. It was so good we made another appointment with Timothy again this afternoon to try his new pizza flavours.


(This was how Timothy packed my pizzas for the take-aways!)


Just a couple of hours ago, we both visited the stall again with my mum in law and my aunt Joanna! We tried a cupcake each and the citrus flavour was fluffy and tangy! It had a good balance with the dark chocolatey flavour with a sharper tangerine taste of the fruit. We are not fans of citrus fruits usually but this took us by surprise:)


We also tried Timothy’s new curry tomato pizza $3 and in our opinion it was not as tasty as the shiitake mushrooms. The taste was simpler and the curry was pretty straight forward. We hope he could add more dimension to the curry flavour or maybe add more herbs? It reminded us of japanese curry udon but healthier and more crispy in texture.



Lastly, we had a special request to try a dessert pizza $3 and he made one with dark chocolate with bananas. The chocolate was dark and strong but it could be better sweeter. But for those who prefer less sweet desserts, this will be perfect! Another winning dish from this talented chef:)

We strongly encourage anyone, even non-vegetarians and vegans to come taste and judge if cheese is really that important when natural ingredients can taste equally or even better! As Timothy makes every single pizza from scratch and with his heart, the waiting time can be too long if you ask for him to make on the spot. Instead, he offers his mobile number 94481219 so that you can call in advance to order your pizzas to minimize the waiting time.

Please note that Timothy is at the initial stages of starting his vegan food business. According to him, he can make a maximum of up to 24 pizzas a day owing to constraints in his equipment. Please remember to call before coming to avoid disappointment. The average waiting time is about 15-20 minutes. Do not come expecting the food to be served immediately. He is currently working out and smoothing out the operations aspect and seeks everyone’s understanding.

You can also visit his facebook page to shout a hello or ask him more questions! We are so happy there are more vegan eateries opening up and Timothy is such a hidden talent! Our family is now a big fan of his pizzas and we are sure you will be too.

TJ Vegan Fusion Party Food

#03-130 Yung Sheng Road Singapore 618499

Open daily from 11am-8pm

Closed every Mondays

Call  94481219 to  make your pizza order in advance!

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