Tastiest Vegetarian Mee Hoon- Poh Meng Vegetarian Stall at Taman Jurong Food Market Centre


Although I used to live near Taman Jurong Food Centre, I’ve never eaten at this vegetarian stall as my grandma whips up awesome vegetarian dishes at home. Earlier today, we were at the Food Centre to try TJ Vegan Fusion Party Food. While waiting for our pizzas to arrive, we ordered a plate of vegetarian fried bee hoon $2.50 to share from the auntie running the stall.

There are 2 vegetarian stalls over at the food centre and both are on the same row on the third floor. My grandma told me that this auntie runs this stall as a hobby and out of the 2 stalls, she favours this one more as the food is tastier. The auntie only serves one dish in her stall with an assortment of sides, mock meats and fried bean curd to go with her bee hoon.


We were lucky to get the last plate of noodles with a bunch of cabbages and an assortment of the ingredients displayed in her stall. Most times, they sell out by 2pm.


The bee hoon was really tasty and we both agreed that the gravy was the star of this dish. All the sides were quite yummy too and was a great balance of texture and flavour. Surprisingly the mock char siew was quite good too. At this price and portion, it was really a good find for people like us living in the West!

Taman Jurong Food Market Centre

#03-143 Yung Sheng Road Singapore 618499

Opens daily from 7.30am- 2pm

Closed on Wednesdays

One thought on “Tastiest Vegetarian Mee Hoon- Poh Meng Vegetarian Stall at Taman Jurong Food Market Centre

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