Hakka Abacus- Sunny Choice Organic Cafe at Railway Mall


Earlier for lunch, we headed over to Sunny Choice Cafe at Railway Mall for a healthy and organic lunch. It was packed with people and the service was prompt and with lots of smiles. One of the staff told us they are fully vegetarian but we saw them selling some frozen meat in their freezer? They also have shelves of different items on sale and even their tea pot was on sale. We spotted many types of seeds, oils and even vegan muffins and breads too.


We managed to find a seat by the window and ordered Artichoke tea $4.50 with 2 tea cups and 1 extra water refill. The tea tasted like a milder version of burdock tea and was lightly herbal in taste.


We also shared a Thunder tea rice $7.50 which came in a good portion of many greens and instead of peanuts commonly found in this dish, we spotted them using cashew nuts instead. The soup was too green for us to enjoy but the mushroom anchovies were a delightful crunch to this healthy meal.


The highlight was definitely Hakka abacus (made of tapioca and yam) $6, the texture and shape reminded us of italian Gnocchi but less starchy. The flavours were really fragrant and the mushrooms and vegetables with chopped mini tofu bites were a great combination. We will definitely come back for this dish again as it’s rare to find a healthy version of this dish other than those sold in oily street kiosk.


Since it was raining, we decided to try cauliflower and chickpea soup $6 and the soup tasted like any ABC soup with a sweet corn aftertaste. It was very soothing and the crackers blew our minds away. It was so good we ended up buying 3 packets, we ate one entire pack while waiting for the rain to stop.


This pumpkin rice cracker $2.80 is SOOOO good! You have to try it to believe us and it was super addictive too. Almost every customer in the shop was seen munching on this or buying take aways. Somehow it reminded us of prawn cracker without the seafood taste.

434 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall Singapore 678060

Tel: 6892 2383

Open Daily from 10am – 9pm


6 thoughts on “Hakka Abacus- Sunny Choice Organic Cafe at Railway Mall

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