Sambal Petai Fried Rice- Yi Xin Vegetarian Restaurant Chinatown


We were at Chinatown earlier this afternoon after a flea market bargain hunt at China Square mall where we found a unique and good condition second hand tea set at a great bargain.


We headed to Yi Xin Vegetarian stall at Temple Street again as we were craving for sambal petai. My mum in law will be making bah kut teh soup for us so we bought a medium size petai fried rice $7, a portion of sambal petai $3 from their economical rice corner and one of the best roasted peanut yam dish at $2.

The dishes at Yi Xin never fails to impress us. Their food always taste really good and are usually packed with so many ingredients. Our fried rice came with tofu, some mushroom floss, lots of petai and the rice was fried to perfection. It was tasty with every bite. We were so worried the rice will have too little petai so we ordered a side dish of petai which we once ate before and it was as good as ever! There were sweet raisins in this corn petai sambal mix too.

The most shocking surprise had to be the roasted peanut and yam mix. (Something you will find in any Nasi Lemak dish.) They had a semi sweet crunchy taste and the yam bites were really complimentary with the roasted peanuts. We also ordered 2 soy eggless tart $2 for two before we did the takeaways home. It was served chilled and Hubby Ro thought it tasted as good as any regular egg tart.


We might come back here again for mother’s day celebration as the food is always so good and affordable.

39 Temple Street

Tel: 93666002

Opening hours: 8am -10pm

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