Tau Pok Pocket Salad & Vegan Mixed Nuts Muffin- Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe

Was back at my favourite vegetarian stall at Fortune centre and decided to try 2 small snacks for tea break.

I had Tau pok salad (3 pieces) for $2.50 and it was really yummy. The tau pok pockets were toasted and very crispy when you bite into them. Topped with sliced carrots, cucumbers, alfa sprouts and their own homemade mayo sauce, this was another light yummy snack I will re-order!


I spotted some vegan mixed nuts muffins $2 each on their counter and asked what they were made of. To my surprise, it was a purely vegan muffin with no eggs or dairy and stuffed with nuts, raisins and cherries. It was one of the best vegan baked desserts I have ever eaten. It tasted moist, crumbly and just like any regular muffins! It was fragrant, nutty and not dense at all:) WOW! Sadly, this muffin only appears if the kitchen is free and they are not listed in their regular menu.


Maybe I might call in before coming down to specially order this yummy muffin! I’m still thinking about it as I’m writing this post. I love all things nutty and this is the perfect guilt free indulgence:)

Address: Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, #02-17
: +65 6336 4355
Website: NA
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Sun)

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