What the world eats in a week…

Inspired by this beautiful series of photos by Peter Menzel featuring families around the world with what they usually eat per week, we decided to do our own version (not stylized at all but the message is there!)- Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see ours!

Out of all the photos from the series, our favourites had to be the following families.


1. People of Bhutan (No wonder they are the happiest country in the world when they eat so healthy!)


2. Folks from Ecuador


3. Folks in Guatemala


And it aches us to see folks in Mail (above) and Chad (below) having so few options in their diet. They hardly have any greens!


While the others horrify us! (Check out the number of soda drinks, frozen food and canned food they are consuming!)


1. Folks in Germany


2. Folks in North Caroline, USA


3. Great Britain

We usually buy our groceries per day as we like them fresh but this was one rare occasion we bought ingredients for more than 3 days. Our fridge is really mini and usually freezes up everything so quickly:(



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