Breaking News Veggie Sticks- The Daily Crave Company


I spotted this at Create Healthy Lifestyle Cafe earlier today as I was picking up our Mother’s Day Chocolate Truffle Cafe from Delcie’s Desserts. I was surprised to spot the super delicious pumpkin crackers we were raving about at Sunny Choice Organic Cafe last weekend too!

Being a sucker for good packaging, this breaking news veggie chips $7.80 caught my attention instantly and around the sides of the bag were mini news article about the founder of this company to why eating wholesome snacks is all in the rage now. Screen shot 2013-05-11 at PM 06.47.14

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at PM 06.47.01

They are made of potato flour, expeller pressed safflower oil, rice flour, tomato powder, spinach powder, salt and beet powder.

Best part, they are:

  • 100% All Natural
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Dairy
  • 100% Vegan
  • No artificial flavours or colouring
  • Non GMO
  • No hydrogenated fats

I was thrilled to see that for every 77 sticks it contains only 150 calories:) At first bite, it tasted just like french fries but super crispy version which was not too oily and salty. The texture reminds us of prawn crackers which melts in your mouth quite quickly. The taste is pleasant and makes you want to have more:)

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