Dark Chocolate Truffle Cafe- Delcie’s Desserts


We ordered a dark chocolate truffle cake 5.5 inches $60 from Delcie Desserts a couple of weeks ago in time for Mother’s Day! Yesterday evening, I picked up the cake and was excited to see their responses!


The cake came in a recycled box with some cute drawings and notes on them! Very personalized and it came with a handmade pop out card too:)



We liked that the cake was small and each portion was just right for everyone. Hubby Ro liked the cake very much as he enjoyed the chocolate cream and the dark chocolate mousse in the lower layers. There was also a thin layer of cookie crust in one of the layers too.


I on the other hand, together with our mums wished that the chocolate ganache/mousse layer was at least 3/4 thick as the coconut cream was too creamy after a few mouthful. It was not as dark as I expected as I was expecting a praline style dark truffle cake. Overall it looked beautiful and the consistency of the cake layers were even. After slicing the cake, although the dark chocolate ganache/mousse parts cracked slightly it was not a big deal.

It was great to introduce our parents to the possibility of healthier cakes (this was low in calories, trans-fat free and diabetic friendly) and we’re glad we made the order with Delcie and her team. They are super efficient throughout the entire order process.

2 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Truffle Cafe- Delcie’s Desserts

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