Home Drinks- Avocado Chocolate Banana Milk Shake


About a year ago, there was an ice cream shop near our house and we frequently visited Fat Cow Cafe for their dark chocolate milk shake. It was the best in the world. Somehow the chocolate was rich enough and the texture always had parts of the ice cream bits left to be eaten as well. At $4.90, we often dropped by after dinner for this yummy drink. Sadly, after they closed down we were not able to find the same dark chocolate milk shake anymore:( Even when we head overseas and sourced out the best chocolate haunts, the taste of their milk shake never came close to what we have had.

Yesterday afternoon while waiting for my pretzel dough to poof, I decided to use my left over overly ripe avocado and created a chocolate vegan milk shake. The most amazing part was how similar it was to the dark chocolate milk shake we used to have at Fat Cow Cafe! WOW:)


Chocolate millshake or use this recipe:
1 avocado (Pitted and cut into small pieces)
1 banana (Small but super ripe one)
1 cup dates (I used 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of agave syrup)
1 large scoop Vega chocolate protein powder (or 2 tablespoons cacao powder + 1/4 teaspoon stevia, I replaced stevia with chia seeds)
1-2 cups vegan milk (I used soy chocolate milk)

1-2 cups ice

To make the milkshake: blend all the ingredients until smooth, adding as much vegan milk and ice as needed to make it thick, creamy and cold. Adjust according to taste, then fill up 3 or 4 glasses. 

The secret I think was in using chocolate soy milk as it gave off a richer chocolate taste and with the blended ice bits, this was really as good as the one we remembered having. It was creamy, rich and packed with chocolate goodness. We will be sticking to this winning recipe for more chocolate milkshake cravings!

5 thoughts on “Home Drinks- Avocado Chocolate Banana Milk Shake

    • Hey Timothy,

      Congrats on your growing business and the opportunities coming your way!
      We are so happy for you:) Thanks for swinging by our blog and yes we’re intending to make chocolate mousse next after trying thai mango sticky rice!
      Mango is in season! Do let us know when you are moving out of Taman Jurong so we can head down for another big feast!

      Roland & Priscilla

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