Pita Bread with garlic mushrooms and hummus- Overdoughs at Sculpture Square

Heading back to Sculpture Square brings back so many memories as we got married at this gorgeous art gallery more than a year back. I added some of our favourite wedding pictures too if anyone is interested:P



I have heard so many people praising Artichoke for serving great Mediterranean food but never once got a chance to try them. I was so thrilled to hear that they have opened a new bakery cafe Overdoughs late last year. Before I turned vegan, I used to visit their cafe under a block of flats at Waterloo street but they have now moved right beside Artichoke. Early January 2013 when I visited them again, I was disappointed to learn they have stopped selling their lunch sets. I used to love ordering their delicious fresh pita bread with 3 side dips (usually an assortment of hummus in different flavours, my favourite was roasted carrot walnut hummus) and Hubby Ro loved it too.



A couple of days back, I read on another food blogger site that they are now serving lunch again so I made an appointment with dear friend Stephanie to try their lunch set this afternoon.Imagine our surprise when we stepped into the premise filled with so many plants, it was a plant oasis in the middle of town. I am so jealous they can just pick the fresh herbs and spices they are growing there. We will definitely want to try incorporating our own herb garden when we find a new place.



They serve traditional middle eastern baklava too but they are usually made with lots of butter and eggs. I had them before and remembered each one being too sweet for my liking.


Their lunch menu is new and the only vegetarian/vegan option is choosing either pita bread, nacho chips or spiced rice with garlic mushroom $8 that comes with toum (hot garlic sauce), zhug (green chilli sauce), greens, ezme (turkish tomato salsa) and Tahini (roasted sesame sauce). I added an extra hummus (chickpea sesame spread) $2.50 to my pita bread option.


And I made it into a meal by adding $5 more for a soup of the day (roasted eggplant soup with chickpeas) and a mint basil lemonade with pomegranate (I loved this refreshing drink so much!)


The portion was huge and really yummy. But I left with a strong garlic and onion breath that won’t go away so next time round, I will inform them to skip the garlic sauce and to give me less onions. The soup on the other hand had a strong tomatoey taste and was slightly sour but was still really good. I wished they served the portions on the pita bread separately as towards the end of the meal, my pita bread was soaked and I kinda prefer it dry and it would have been more fun just dipping the different sauces separately.

overdoughs is located at

161, Middle Road, Sculpture Square, S188978

Other contact details

6336 6946/hello@overdoughs.com

Opening hours

Tues-Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 10am-4pm. Closed on Mondays.

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