Vegan Soy Milk Laksa- The Green Room Cafe at Bishan Park 2

Earlier this evening, I finally brought my mum in law to try Brownice after both of us kept raving about it to her. We had chendol and hazelnut coffee with waffles and the chendol was superb as you can taste the gula melaka in them:) We started our post Mother’s day celebration with desserts first and we took a cab down to The Green room cafe at Bishan park which was 10-15 minutes drive away.



The restaurant looked cozy and was actually smaller than we expected. Before we arrived at the restaurant, I read some reviews online and many have commented that their service was really lousy. Strangely, we experienced prompt and good service throughout our stay!


The menu was different from the one shown on their website and we were spoilt for choices.


We ordered creamy mushroom soup $9 made with soy milk and it tasted pretty bland but very rustic and healthy.


The next dish was amazing! Warm Japanese Momen Tofu Salad $10 was my favourite dish of the evening as the flavours came together really well. It had grilled teriyaki tofu (yums!), wakame seaweed and fresh greens tossed in wasabi sauce. The sauce was perfection in my opinion and we drizzled it in our soba noodles too as it was too bland.


We also had rice paper samosa $10 made out of spiced herbs and vegetables wrapped in rice paper served with coconut chutney. It was really refreshing and the greens with sesame seeds were a good combination of flavours. The best part was the creamy sauce in the rice samosa, it really opened our appetite and we cannot wait to try re-making this on our own.


The worst dish of the evening had to be stir fry buckwheat soba $12. There was a weird taste about this dish and we had to pour the wasabi sauce in our salad to finish them. It was choked with carrots and mushrooms but it tasted really bland and was a huge disappointment.


The star of the night was vegan soy milk laksa $14 served with laksa vermicelli noodles with mixed mushrooms and their signature tofu which was really unique and soft.  The gravy was rich and pretty spicy and my mum in law loved this dish very much. She was so inspired and is researching how to make her own vegan laksa now!

Bishan Park II
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 569931

Tel: 6556 1533
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11am – 3pm
6pm – 10pm
Sat, Sun,
Eve of Public Holidays & : 11am – 10pm
Public Holidays

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